ITS-ITE Maryland Student Chapter

Intelligent Transportation Society Maryland Student Chapter (ITSMD Student Chapter) at the University of Maryland (UMD) is a part of Maryland ITS Chapter which is working as a part of ITS America. ITSMD Student Chapter at University of Maryland is the only student chapter of ITSMD and now grown to be one of the biggest student chapters in DC area. This chapter was initiated with efforts of a group of graduate students of Transportation Engineering Program and with the support of the transportation group faculty at UMD with the aim of activating the potentials of Transportation Engineering students and bridging between students and professionals working outside the academic world. The chapter operates with a board consisted of graduate students elected at the beginning of each academic year by faculty and students of Transportation Engineering Program at UMD and it involves all the students and faculty of the big transportation group of UMD throughout the year in a variety of activities.

ITSMD Student Chapter is now sponsored by The National Transportation Center @ Maryland (one of the five National Centers that were selected in nationwide competition with a focus on the U.S. “Economic Competitiveness”) for its main activities. These activities include holding seminars with guest speakers from academic and non-academic organizations around the world, social events such as beginning and end of the semester parties/picnics, sport events, student informal gatherings. Activities of the student chapter involves students and helps to build a warm and friendly environment among students and faculty of transportation group as well as building many links between students of UMD and transportation professionals and academicians from all around the world. ITSMD Student Chapter is a main force in shaping the big transportation family of UMD.

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