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NTC@Maryland helps sponsor workshop on Envisioning Automated Transit

NTC@Maryland helps sponsor workshop on Envisioning Automated Transit

Envisioning Automated Transit- College Park, MD January 9, 2016:

The Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) with the help of the NTC@Maryland and other sponsors hosted twenty participants at ATRA’s annual Technix workshop. This year’s conference was titled “Envisioning Automated Transit” or EAT. EAT was a continuation of the Envisioning Automated Vehicles within the Built Environment 2020 2035 2050 workshops held at the past two Automated Vehicle Symposiums hosted by TRB and AUVSI. These workshops brought together planners, engineers, architects, technologists and researchers to redesign the built environment with automated vehicles. Participants were introduced to automated vehicles and given pathways on the development of automated vehicles. Working in groups led by scenario discussion leaders, participants were assigned scenarios and sites to design around.

An article by Burney Simpson of Driverless Transportation can be found here:





February 4, 2016

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