NTC@Maryland’s Reception in Advanced Transportation Technologies Day

On Thursday, August 28, 2014, the A. James Clark School of Engineering hosted its first-ever Advanced Transportation Technologies Day event, during which nearly 40 representatives from government, industry, academe and media toured the University of Maryland’s transportation engineering laboratories.

The National Transportation Center at Maryland (NTC@Maryland) portion of the open-house event welcomed visitors to the center office during 9:30 a.m.—10:30 a.m. at 1124 Glenn Martin Hall, University of Maryland, College Park.

As one of the five national transportation centers funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the NTC@Maryland aims to promote strategic transportation policies, investment and decisions that bring lasting and equitable economic benefits to the U.S. and its citizens. From there, visitors learned about the NTC@Maryland, and heard from a number of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty members how transportation engineering relates to the following research topics and goals:

As an expert in the area of Economic Development, Professor Lei Zhang overviewed his featured research project entitled “Impact of Highway Investment on the Economy and Employment across U.S. Industrial Sectors: A Simultaneous Equations Analysis at the Metropolitan Level”.

“The impact of highway investment on employment varies across industrial sectors,” explained Professor Lei Zhang, Director of the National Transportation Center at Maryland. “Overall, doubling current transportation assets and capacity would create 15 million jobs in the long run. And, employment in 12 of the 23 industrial sectors would increase in response to highway investment. The four sectors – retail trade, construction, manufacturing and accommodation services – account for about 30 percent of the total employment, while they capture about 60 percent of the benefits from highway investment.”

NTC@Maryland Research Projects and Professional Experience Related to Economic Development.
P.I. Names Project Titles
Lei Zhang U.S. National and Inter-Regional Travel Demand Analysis: Person-Level Microsimulation Model and Application to High-Speed Rail Demand Forecasting
Lei Zhang Effectiveness and equity of future transportation financing options at the federal and state levels
Lei Zhang An integrated economic, land use, and network growth model for transportation management and policy analysis
Cinzia Cirillo Revenue Management & Operations Optimization for HSR
Cinzia Cirillo Demand Model for Railway Revenue Management
Cinzia Cirillo Modeling Vehicle Ownership Decisions for the State of Maryland
Qingbin Cui Innovative Public-Private Partnerships and Contracting Methods for Transportation Project Delivery
Mikhail V. Chester Long-Distance Transportation Infrastructure in a Climate Constrained Future: Reliable HSR Service for Economic Growth












Dr. Ali Haghani

For the subject area of Congestion Mitigation, Professor Ali Haghani presented the featured project of high visibility “Travel Time Validation in Vehicle Probe Project”. The validation of travel time data was provided by INRIX to I-95 member states since July 2008. Experts in both public and private sector refer to this project as the most comprehensive effort for validation of traffic data in the ITS industry. The on-going validation includes nine states, 34 evaluation reports, 35 deployments, 521 days sensors on the road, 930 centerline mile (827 mile freeway, 103 mile arterial), and 60,102 hour worth of ground truth data resulting from 8 million Bluetooth observations.
NTC@Maryland Research Projects and Professional Experience Related to Congestion Mitigation.
P.I. Names Project Titles
Ali Haghani Bluetooth Travel Time
Ali Haghani HOV lane Performance Monitoring System
Gang-Len Chang Integration of Variable Speed Control and Travel Time Information to Minimize Recurrent Highway Congestion
Paul Schonfeld Integrated Management of Maintenance and Traffic
Elise Miller-Hooks Quantifying the Cost Effectiveness of Freeway Service Patrol Programs
Billy M. Williams Validation of Travel Time Reliability Prediction from Probe Data
Nagui M. Rouphail Vehicle Trajectory Tool: Application Pilot for AMS Test Bed
Mecit Cetin The Open Toll Lanes in a Connected Vehicle Environment
Yingyan Lou Behavioral Study for Managed Lane Pricing Refund Option
Ram M. Pendyala Congestion Mitigation Potential of Autonomous (Driverless) Vehicles: A Scenario-Based Approach 
Xuesong Zhou Evaluating and Calibrating Emission Impacts of Traffic Management Strategies
Brian Wolshon Quantifying the Effects of Manual Traffic Control on Evacuation Corridors
Brian Wolshon Development of a Simulation Test Bed for Connected Vehicles Using the LSU Driving Simulator






Professor Paul Schonfeld introduced the featured project “Evasive Flow Capture” for the subject area of Freight Efficiency and Reliability. The flow-capturing problem (FCP) aims to locate facilities to capture as many flows as possible. Benefits to society include: Improve the current practice in locating weigh-in-motion systems and thereby provide more cost effective solutions; Improve safety management in transport of hazardous materials through optimal location of inspection stations; Improve toll collection for transportation agencies through optimal allocation of tollbooths.
NTC@Maryland Research Projects and Professional Experience Related to Freight Efficiency and Reliability.
P.I. Names Project Titles
Paul Schonfeld Efficiency and Reliability in Freight Transportation System
Ali Haghani Dynamic Decision Making for Less-Than-Truckload Trucking Operations
Elise Miller-Hooks Economic Impact Study of Intercounty Connector: Logistics and Freight Impact Assessment
Shane Underwood Impact of Freight Movement Trends on Highway Pavement Infrastructure
Hyeonshic Shin Multi-layered Integrated Urban Freight Delivery Network
George F. List Efficiency and Reliability in Freight Transportation
Mecit Cetin Combining Different Data Sources to Predict Origin-Destinations and Flow Patterns for Trucks in Large Networks
Bethany M. Stich Port City Challenges
Qingbin Cui Ex-Post Value for Money Analysis of Public Private Partnerships in Freight Transportation Infrastructure



Professor Elise Miller-Hooks talked about her featured research of “Resilience in Rail-Based Intermodal Transportation Systems: Performance Measurement and Decision Support”. The resilience coverage includes intermodal, rail-based goods transport, ports and intermodal facilities, airport taxiway and runway systems, drivers – roadway, deterioration and maintenance. It should reflect network’s inherent ability to cope with disruption via its topological and operational attributes and potential immediate actions that can be taken in disaster aftermath. The inherent capability is able to to absorb or cushion effects of disaster, while the adaptive capability means the potential cost-effective actions that can be taken to preserve or restore system’s ability to perform its intended function in disaster’s aftermath.
NTC@Maryland Research Projects and Professional Experience Related to Emergency Preparedness.
P.I. Names Project Titles
Gang-Len Chang Congestion Development of Traffic Simulation for I-695, I-495, for Traffic Operations and Incident Management
Ali Haghani Optimal Scheduling of Evacuation Operations
Elise Miller-Hooks Improving Traffic Signal Timing for Evacuation
Elise Miller-Hooks Resilience in Rail-Based Intermodal Transportation Systems


In the parallel portion of the open-house event, Professor Gang-Len Chang featured several featured research projects and field implementations in the Traffic Safety & Operations Laboratory, where visitors learned about current efforts underway to improve local traffic safety and mitigate congestion in main commuting corridors. Along with Professor Gang-Len Chang, this team of UMD researchers tackled timely topics such as Eastern Shore travel and evacuation routes and incident response for Maryland’s Coordinated Highways Action Response Team.
NTC@Maryland Research Projects and Professional Experience Related to Safety Improvement.
P.I. Names Project Titles
Elise Miller-Hooks Simulation-Based Secondary Incident Filtering Method
Gang-Len Chang Effects of Automated Speed Enforcement in Maryland Work Zones 
Gang-Len Chang Design & Evaluation of a Dynamic Dilemma Zone Protection System for a High Speed Rural Intersection
Gang-Len Chang Maryland Unconventional Intersection Design (MUID)



For the subject area of Sustainable Urban Development, Professor Cinzia Cirillo featured a number of her studies, such as emerging vehicle technologies, green house gas emission (GHGE), low income people access to jobs, etc. Real life applications include the statewide transportation models (for the State of Maryland and possibly to the State of Qatar), access to private and public transportation (low income access to jobs in the Washington Metropolitan Region), travel behavior in emergency (flood or terrorist attack), car ownership and use model and GHG’s emission for the US (policies for climate change and dependency on fossil fuel), emerging technology vehicles: electric and hybrid cars, congestion and toll roads, and social network and social media influence on travel behavior.
NTC@Maryland Research Projects and Professional Experience Related to Sustainable Urban Development.
P.I. Names Project Titles
Lei Zhang No More Freeways: Urban Land Use-Transportation-Environment Dynamics without Freeway Capacity Expansion
Lei Zhang Impact of Air Quality Control and Land Use Policies on Vehicle Miles Traveled, Energy Consumption, and Pollution/Green House Gas Emissions
Lei Zhang Comprehensive Highway Corridor Planning With Sustainability Indicators
Elise Miller-Hooks Objective Decision-Making Tools for Infrastructure Investments to Combat Sea Level Rise
Elise Miller-Hooks Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tool to Support Emissions Estimation in On-Road Transport Along Freeways and Arterials
Elise Miller-Hooks Smart Algorithms For Managing Ridesharing Services
Paul Schonfeld Integration of Fixed and Flexible-Route Public Transportation Services
Cinzia Cirillo Feasibility and Benefit of an Activity-Based Travel Demand Model for Maryland: An Exploratory Analysis
Ahmet Aydilek Quantification of System-wide Life Cycle Benefits of Recycled Materials in Highways


Assistant Director of Research and Education of NTC@Maryland, Dr. Xiqun (Michael) Chen, and Assistant Director of Outreach and Technology Transfer of NTC@Maryland, Mr. Mark Franz, worked on the organization of this event, and prepared the slides and posters for this portion. Both documents can be downloaded via: